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Why Bwp Plastering Services Ltd use steel rather than wood when building external walls and partitions

At Bwp Ltd, we always favour using steel rather than wood for building external and partition walls. There are benefits to using steel on both domestic and commercial projects as outlined below.

Steel is faster to install:

As steel is a lighter material than wood, it is less time consuming in terms of labour. Steel is also easier to assemble as it is quicker to cut to the required length and slots together much more easily. This can potentially make significant cuts to labour costs.

Steel is fire resistant:

Steel has a much higher tolerance to fire, making it a safer option on both domestic and commercial projects and is often a requirement of insurance companies due to its fire rating and longevity.

Steel has less chance of movement:

When using wood to build external or partition walls, there are various reasons that mean, over time, there is likely to be some movement. These includes but are not limited to; warping (which may be caused by mould from condensation or a decaying of the wood itself) and corrosion (caused by wood worm, insects or pests.)

Movement of external or partition walls may lead to costly issues such as shrinkage or cracking so the use of steel in the initial stages helps to illuminate such future problems and again, potential additional costs.

Steel is a sustainable product:

Steel is the most sustainable construction material available. In addition to its recyclable properties, the processes of producing, transporting and recycling steel, also use lower energy consumption in comparison to many other manufactured materials.

Bwp Ltd are committed to providing sustainable solutions on all of our projects and use steel on projects of any scale to ensure a quality finish that offers optimum longevity.


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Benjamin Wright

Benjamin Wright is the director of BWP Plastering Services Ltd. After working as a plasterer since the age of 19 alongside his father, Benjamin saw an opportunity to provide a bespoke service that catered to the individual needs of clients. Benjamin founded BWP Plastering Services Ltd to offer the construction industry a plastering company that provides clients with a time efficient service at a fair price without compromising on quality.
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