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How We Prevent Cracks Above Doors

If you are like me and find hair line cracks above doors frustrating, you will be pleased to hear that there is a way of minimising them.

At BWP Plastering Services Ltd, we receive regular enquiries from clients about their premises needing maintenance due to cracks above the doors. The good news is its easily rectified!

Whether you are a home owner, a landlord or a property developer, it is always important that you know how a job should be done. The simplest of tweaks can make a difference and prevent between large maintenance costs.

If a wall has been incorrectly boarded, over time, cracks will appear due to stress to the wall itself, incurring costs further down the line. At BWP Ltd, we believe in providing the best finish possible and always cut our boards central to the doorway in order to reduce stress points. In doing so, this will stop cracks above doors appearing and stop the client incurring further maintenance costs.

For more information about our dry lining services please click here >>

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Benjamin Wright

Benjamin Wright is the director of BWP Plastering Services Ltd. After working as a plasterer since the age of 19 alongside his father, Benjamin saw an opportunity to provide a bespoke service that catered to the individual needs of clients. Benjamin founded BWP Plastering Services Ltd to offer the construction industry a plastering company that provides clients with a time efficient service at a fair price without compromising on quality.
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