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Why BWP Ltd Prefer To Use a Rip System On Our Projects

Over the years, BWP Plastering Services Ltd have worked on many different dry lining projects and used many different methods to carry out the job.

At BWP Ltd, we have found that the rip system works the most efficiently. For those that have never used a rip system, below is a guide to what the rip system entails and how we install the system.

The rip system is a method in which we fix the required boards around the circumference of the partitioned walls. We then fire mastic all joints around the top circumference of the room. After that, we are able to fit our metal frame ceiling. Once the ceiling is complete, we can then form any rooms to the underside of the ceiling. When this part of the process is finished, we can sign this off to the mechanical and electrical contractors to start their first fix. Once they are completed, we are able to dry line the entire room, ready to plaster.

Following extensive research into the benefits of the rip system in comparison to other methods, it out performs them by a staggering 30% production time. The reason for the rip system being significantly more efficient than any other method is that other systems take at least three visits to one room whereas this method takes one. This then allows all other contractors to complete their work and move out of the area more quickly.

The benefit to contractors or sub-contractors in an industry that is prone to back injuries is that this system is better for man handling as the rips are lighter than lifting full size boards to the top of the walls. When you are fitting sound boards that are over 40kg, this will certainly benefit the operative’s wellbeing!

Like all good things, there are always disadvantages to a system and this one is no exception. Costing can be tricky as pricing will need to be based on a lineal metre rather than a square meterage and there is more board wastage. However, the time saved in labour charges, far outweighs the disadvantages described.

At BWP Ltd, we believe in this system and strive to implement it in all our projects.

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Benjamin Wright

Benjamin Wright is the director of BWP Plastering Services Ltd. After working as a plasterer since the age of 19 alongside his father, Benjamin saw an opportunity to provide a bespoke service that catered to the individual needs of clients. Benjamin founded BWP Plastering Services Ltd to offer the construction industry a plastering company that provides clients with a time efficient service at a fair price without compromising on quality.
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