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How to save money when considering plastering, rendering, drylining and sfs options for your project

During these unprecedented times, we are aware that many people will be feeling significant financial pressures.

We have put together a list of money saving solutions when considering your plastering, rendering, drylining and sfs options for both commercial and domestic projects.


Considering taking your property back to the original brick work and starting again?

If the walls are safe and sound with no cracks, you may be able to save a considerable amount of money by simply having the walls treated with a bonding solution and re-skimmed.


Thinking about which render type to use?

All rendering systems have different variables and benefits.

There are significant variations in price, sand and cement usually being the cheapest option but not necessarily the most durable and don’t forget, there will be an additional cost in paint throughout its lifetime.

Silicone based rendering systems add UV properties to the building. As this is a through coloured render, there is no need for painting whilst giving the same finish as a flat, sand and cement render.

Monocouche render is a one coat system, making it quicker to apply than a silicone system, saving money on labour costs. This provides a pitted, textured finish that is available in a variety of colours, again, saving on additional paint costs.

EWI rendering system provides a significant upgrade in UV value, which means there will be a significant saving in central heating bills! Again, there is no paint required as it is finished in either a silicone or monocouche render system.


Don’t know whether to use wood or steel for partition walls?

There are many benefits to using steel rather than wood for partition walls and ceilings as we have previously explored. The money saving is down to both labour costs and the material costs as steel is cheaper and quicker to assemble. It also has ongoing money saving benefits due to the longevity as it is less prone to warping, pests and mould.


Considering using SFS rather than block work for your project?

SFS is considerably cheaper, faster and more efficient than using block work. This will save money due to the shorter timeframe in which it can be fitted, saving on labour costs. It is not weather dependent, saving potential waiting costs on your project if block work cannot be installed.

For more information on any of our services, please download our brochure or contact a member of the team.



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