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Middleton Lane, Sheffield

This was a domestic refurbishment project following damage caused by a burst water pipe in the ceiling.

The client required BWP Plastering Services Ltd to take down the existing ceiling, insulate between the joists, dryline the ceiling and plaster.

As the original ceiling was a stucco finish, the client asked us to create a smooth finish which meant also prepping and plastering the walls to create a consistent finish throughout. Once the ceiling was completed, we scratched back the original stucco, applied gypbond solution to the walls, used a bonding coat to create an even finish and plastered throughout the space. Whilst prepping the walls, a feature stone wall was revealed, and the client asked us to take this back to the original stonework to add character to the space. The client required a quick turn around and the job was completed within seven days.

The job had challenges throughout due to the old construction of the house. As the original walls were uneven, we needed to work against some of the angles to sharpen lines in order to create the desired finish. Initially, the client was concerned about losing the character of the space by having smooth walls and ceiling as it was a traditional cottage. The result exceeded their expectations and they took the opportunity to give the space a new lease of life by incorporating both original features and touches of modernity throughout.

Client Name

David Woodhouse

Job Location

Middleton Lane, Sheffield

Date Completed

September 2020