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Gallowtree Gate, Leicester

The project entailed converting a large commercial building into 19 residential apartments.

BWP Plastering Services Ltd were contracted to undertake the dry lining and plastering packages throughout, ensuring a high- quality finish. The client required a timeline of 4 months to complete.

Once the existing walls had been taken down to create space, we created rooms using metal stud walls which were sound boarded for the required acoustic specifications. Each ceiling was initially insulated before using a resilient bar to prevent deflection between dwellings. The ceilings were then fire rated using fire line plaster boards. Metal framed ceilings were then formed beneath. Once mechanical and electrical first fixes were complete, we then dry lined all the walls and ceilings. Some of these were dot and dab whereas some were gyplined.

Once the dry lining processes were complete, we were able to plaster the rooms throughout, ensuring a high quality of finish.

There were some challenges throughout the project, particularly taking into consideration the curved glass frontage of the building. This meant we needed to form a curved bulkhead around the circumference of the glass in order to leave a shadow gap.

The project was completed within the desired timeframe.

Client Name

SP&AJ Building Developments

Job Location

Gallowtree Gate Leicester

Date Completed

September 2017