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The Rise, Nottingham

The Rise project was a student accommodation development containing 124 one-bedroom flats with recreational facilities. 

The client, Winrise Bravo, are a development company who specialise in creating student accommodation in the East Midlands. BWP Plastering Services Ltd were contracted to undertake the dry lining, SFS and plastering packages throughout, ensuring a high- quality finish with the required fire and acoustic performance.

Initially, we began installing the SFS from the first floor upwards. Once the SFS was in place, we then boarded the external walls with a cement particle board in order to stop water ingress. We then began to build all compartment walls and create a rip system. The rip system was installed in order to carry out the work in the most time efficient manner. This system meant that less processes were required, and all contractors could release areas more quickly. Once this was in place, we installed fire batt in all ceiling troughs and fire masticked around the top of the rips. We then installed the metal frame ceiling. The bathrooms were then created. Once all mechanical and electrical contractors had first fixed, we were able to dry line all rooms ready for plastering. In order to meet the acoustic and thermal requirements stipulated by building control, we designed a specification that gave us 63 db for all compartment walls and double fire lined all ceilings to the required 1-hour fire rating.

Client Name

Winrise Bravo

Job Location

Russell Street, Nottingham

Date Completed

August 2018