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Braunstone Avenue, Leicester

Braunstone Avenue was our first project for Mitchian Construction. The project was a residential development containing nine apartments.

The client, Mitchian construction are a development company who specialise in creating residential accommodation in the East Midlands. BWP Plastering Services Ltd were contracted to undertake the dry lining, and plastering packages throughout, ensuring a high- quality finish with the required fire and acoustic performance. The client requested a quick turn around on this project and we had a strict time line of three weeks to complete the project.

We began by sound coating the internal walls to dampen the sound from one dwelling to the other as these flats used to be four separate houses. Once the sound coating was complete, the next stage was to metal frame all ground floor ceilings ready for mechanical and electrical first fix. Whilst the first fix was being installed, we thermal lined the Dorma and attic room to the required thermal build up, using a 63mm thermal PIR plasterboard. Once the attic was boarded, we dry lined all ceilings in fire line plasterboards to the required 1-hour fire rating in all the flats. Then we started insulating and dry lining all timber stud walls, and dot dabbed all block and brick walls throughout the project. Once all the drylining was complete we plastered all flats with board finish to a high standard.

The project was completed within the initial time frame given.

Client Name

Mitchian Construction

Job Location

Braunstone Avenue, Leicester

Date Completed

July 2019